Tambo Springs will address the needs of agro industry and the cool chain, both as a transportation hub and a location for the production/processing of product.

As a transportation hub, consideration is being given to the handling of reefer freight both moving by rail and by truck.

Dedicated reefer locations are therefore located within the intermodal rail yards both at origin and distribution locations. This is in addition to addressing the needs of perishable products as part of the master plan.

The Tambo Springs location therefore is suited for the location of a wide range of agro industrial activities, as part of the cool chain which include:

  • the intensive cultivation of high value added herbs and salads destined for the urban populations;
  • the processing and storage of perishable products;
  • the distribution of product as part of the cool chain.

This focus on the market sector as an integral part of the Inland port function, has the goal of creating a competitive working location


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