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The Tambo Springs master plan has both socio-economic and financial objectives, with the goal of creating new jobs and improving living standards. To achieve this, the project incorporates an incubator facility, which facilitates the creation and establishment of new enterprises. This multi-use facility also provides a teaching and training venue with a focus on the field of manufacturing and logistics.

Particular characteristics of the facility, which is to be located within the commercial cluster include:

  • high-speed broadband connectivity facilitating the establishment of web-based new enterprises;
  • multi-use high capital cost items such as server farm (for the broadband applications) and prototyping facilities (for new product development);
  • lecture/teaching areas and laboratory areas required to introduce world-class practices and techniques in the field of value-added logistics;
  • small tenant space which can be used for the establishment of small enterprises, which can capitalize on common use systems-capabilities.

By this means, Tambo Springs seeks to act as a catalyst for growth and the creation of new ventures, as part of a global economy.