Tambo Springs Intermodal Terminal

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Container freight throughput to Gauteng is 3M TEUs p.a. which is anticipated to grow to 4M TEUs by 2020. This container volume growth will exacerbate the existing problems including dramatic decline in rail usage; excessive use of the roads for land freight transportation; and concomitant high logistics and social costs.

These problems hamper Gauteng and SA's economic growth potential. Tambo Springs Intermodal Terminal to be developed and operated by a private sector consortium on a concession from Transnet is a state of the art facility designed to be developed in phases, with an ultimate capacity of 550,000 TEU'S p.a. This will make a significant contribution to dealing efficiently with growth in container movement. In addition, it aims to significantly enhance Transnet’s strategic objective of moving long haul container freight from road to rail by improving service levels and cost efficiencies.

The key features of the new terminal include:

  • The terminal consists of 2 intermodal platforms equipped with 6 Transtainer cranes on Burbak rails.
  • Each platform consists of 2 tracks of 1200 m module for receiving the trains, tapered at both ends that merge.
  • This will allow train Arrivals/Departures on the one side of the terminal, while locomotives can be shunted from the opposite side.
  • In the Terminal, in addition to the storage areas in the intermodal platforms, 3 areas are provided, external to the platforms, which extend parallel to them, on the south side, for the entire length of 1200 m.
  • The operating simulation found that the new terminal will significantly improve operational efficiency in terms of average turn around times, number of trains per day, security and cost.